5 main periods
      World wide federation
      European region
      Master class

      Middle ages
      Japanese conquest
      19th Century
      20th Century


      Shorin Ryu
      Goju Ryu
      Uechi Ryu


  Okinawa te -"Okinawa hand" style of Ancient Okinawa Karate arose in the 16th century. The "Sindo Ryu" - "way of truth" school the most secretive and by far the most violent Karate society was the highest achievement of this Karate style.
   All bouts are full contact. Protective equipment is not used. There are neither fight rules nor weight classes. The only forbidden blows are ones to the eyes.
   Sindo-Ryu created as a martial art for the unarmed fighter against the Samurai armed with a sword and is based on two fundamental principles - Ikken hissatsu - (to kill with one blow) - and Metsuke Sutemi (cold-blooded decisiveness to fight to the end).
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Soke Takayoshi Nagamine 10th dan, President of the World Okinawa Karate and Kobudo Federation, our teacher, passed away in April 27, 2012. We remember and mourn.

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  Russia has always been famous for its individuals who like to live life to its limits. It therefor goes without saying that if it's a question of Karate, then it must be full-contact, without protective equipment or rules.
  The Moscow "Sindo Ryu" school, spreading and advancing the Okinawa Te style, is led by Sensei Valeri Maystrovoy ( 7th Dan in Okinawa Te and Kobudo). He is also President of the International Federation of Okinawa Karate in Russia, member of the Counsel of Directors of the World-wide Okinawa Te Federation and Head Instructor for the European region.
  Sensei Valeri Maystrovoy,a legend in the world of karate, student of Meitoki Yagi (10th Dan), Takayoshi Nagamine, (10th Dan), Eihachi Ota (9th Dan), Hanashiro Naito (6th Dan) is the only Russian to have been offered a seat on the Board of Directors of the Japanese Federation.
  He stubbornly avoids any contact with the karateka circle in Moscow and does absolutely no advertising whatsoever for his own school "Shorin Ryu".
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  Kata is the system of fighting motions which includes all main technical action and movements existing within the style. The person performing Kata leads a meditative combat against several adversaries, attacking at the same time, of different sizes and having different styles and techniques with regard to the use of blows and weapons. Kata reconstitutes the condition of a real fight, and has a direct effect on one's subconscious. As a result it produces an automatism of movements and reflexes.
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Climb snail slowly, slowly
Up the slope of Fuji.
Upwards, to the highest peak.
(Matsuo 17th Century)

  Bushi do - Way of the Warrior - the Code of Honor is made up of several volumes.
   The main book of Bushi do is "Hagakure ("Hidden in the leaves) which was written by Yamamoto Tsunatomo in 1716 and become the Bible of Bushi do.

  "I need to move, however slowly, like a worm, but I must always move only forward.
  Train yourself, never think of rest. You can do anything when you work with ardor. Any opponent, that you take on, you must treat being as strong as ten men.
  If it turns out that vengeance is required, act without wasting time, even if it will cost you your life. You can loose your life, but your honor - never."
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  The words Sindo Ryu are made up of three Japanese characters: ru - school, do - way, sindo - truth and signify the most violent school of old Okinawa karate, belonging to the Hanashiro family tradition.
  In the Sindo Ryu school the ability to avoid letting any situation lead to conflict or make the adversary back down without a fight is highly considered. It is indeed in this that lies the essence of traditional martial arts. To have the real possibility to escape from the adversary, superior in number and armed, without feeling the need to test their strength and by any means.
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